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Established in 1998, Brighton & Hove Wood Recycling Project was the first scheme of its kind in the country; an organisation committed to finding a way to reuse waste timber - seeing it for what it really is - not a waste but a precious resource!

Our Mission – what we do

Brighton & Hove Wood Recycling Project exists to advance environmental protection by stopping as much reusable timber as possible from ending up in landfill and indiscriminate incineration.

We do this by providing a collections service below the cost of a skip or other disposal options, bringing the material back to our premises for sorting, preparation for re-supply, or to be transformed into beautiful objects and furniture, benefitting everyone.

Operating the project and collecting this timber resource affords training and volunteering opportunities for many currently not working or in financial hardship due to social exclusion.

The project trains staff and volunteers to run the business. Skills learned include retail, customer service, business administration and woodworking, with many volunteers gaining paid employment with the project once trained.

All funds from running the project stay within the business though financial sustainability is always a challenge.  We have received minimal grants in the past and so rely on low-cost premises to ensure the public can continue to benefit from our activities.

We are now a registered charity which properly reflects the nature of the work we have been doing for the last 20 years and increases our eligibility for external funding.  We want to ensure we’re still here for you for decades to come.  

Our Story

We collect waste timber for reuse and recycling, keeping it as far up the waste hierarchy as possible. When we began, hundreds of thousands of tonnes of wood was sent to landfill every year, which we thought was a terrible waste. Why not collect that unwanted wood so that it can be reused or made into useful things, creating opportunities for people to gain work experience and learn new skills at the same time.


We are now a registered charity which means that any profit we make stays within the business, enabling us to improve our facilities and conditions for our volunteers and staff. We have always had a strong focus on both environmental and financial sustainability and, apart from a small start-up grant, we operate without any financial support enabling us to be independent and do things in our own unique way.


We strive to make volunteering with us fun and rewarding. Whether you want to get back into the swing of working with a team, want to gain experience in the construction industry or just have some spare time and want to keep yourself busy, why not

come and see what we do. We especially welcome applications from people who are finding it difficult to get back into mainstream employment.


​The main area for volunteering is in the workshop, learning new skills and helping us make products to sell in the store. Click here to read more about volunteering. 

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