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Established in 1998, Brighton & Hove Wood Recycling Project was the first scheme of its kind in the country; an organisation committed to finding a way to reuse waste timber - seeing it for what it really is - not a waste but a precious resource!

Our Mission – what we do

Our mission at the Brighton & Hove Wood Recycling Project is to champion environmental protection by diverting reusable timber from landfills and indiscriminate incineration. We accomplish this by offering a cost-effective collection service, surpassing the affordability of traditional disposal options like skips. The collected material is then brought to our premises for meticulous sorting and preparation – either for re-supply or transformation into exquisite objects and furniture, benefiting both our community and the environment.

Our operations not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also provide valuable training and volunteering opportunities for individuals facing unemployment or financial hardships due to social exclusion. Through the project, we empower our staff and volunteers with a diverse set of skills, ranging from retail and customer service to business administration and woodworking. Many of our volunteers find meaningful employment within the project after acquiring these skills.

Despite the challenges of financial sustainability, we commit to keeping all funds generated within the business. While we have received minimal grants in the past, our reliance on low-cost premises ensures that the public can continue to reap the benefits of our activities. As a registered charity, our goal is to persistently serve and support our community for decades to come, fostering a lasting impact on both individuals and the environment.

Our Story

Our story begins with a simple yet powerful idea: rescuing timber from the brink of landfill oblivion. In a world where countless tonnes of wood were callously consigned to landfills annually, we saw an untapped reservoir of potential. Why let such valuable resources go to waste when they could be salvaged, repurposed, and bestowed with newfound life?

Our journey began as advocates for change, staunchly dedicated to ascending the waste hierarchy and breathing purpose into discarded timber. We envisioned a realm where the unwanted could metamorphose into the indispensable, where every piece of wood carried a story of renewal and sustainability.

Every profit we generate becomes a catalyst for positive change within our organization. This autonomy empowers us to continuously enhance our facilities, ensuring optimal conditions for the volunteers and staff who share our unwavering dedication.

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Dive into the enriching world of volunteering with us—a dynamic blend of fun and fulfillment awaits. Whether you crave the camaraderie of teamwork, aspire to gain insights into the construction industry, or simply seek to fill your spare time with purpose, why not join us in making a difference?

We extend a warm welcome, particularly to those navigating the challenges of reentering the workforce. Our workshop is the heart of volunteer engagement, a space where you'll not only acquire new skills but also contribute to crafting products for our store.

Experience the joy of meaningful contribution while immersing yourself in a vibrant community. Click here to discover more about the exciting possibilities that await you in the realm of volunteering.

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