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Domestic Collections

We make life easier for you by collecting your waste wood Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Not only are we your cheapest, most environmentally friendly option, but when you use us, you’ll know you’re also supporting an organisation constantly transforming the lives of local people in need.

Our collections service provides us with both a source of timber and much needed income to cover salaries and overheads.

Wood that isn’t a high enough grade for resale goes for conversion into animal bedding, particle board and carbon neutral fuel.

In 2022, we saved 342 tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.


Why use us to collect your domestic wood waste?

Save money as there’s no need to hire a van and pay tip charges.

We’re so much more cost-effective than hiring a skip as we charge less, and we only collect waste wood. Our trucks are cheaper to run so it’s better for the environment too. 

Your wood will be re-used or recycled. Nothing is sent to landfill.

There’s no licence to get, so we save you time and energy. 

We also load the truck for you - and because we load in an organised way rather than simply throwing stuff in, we get so much more in. The Building Research Establishment (BRE) estimate this void space can take up 50% of a skip.

Skip or transit truck? You decide.

Standard 8 Yard Skip

  • Wait for delivery, then load it yourself.

  • Huge diesel guzzling skip lorry visits twice, to deliver & collect.

  • Do you have suitable space?

  • Do you need an on street license?

  • Waste will probably be chipped for biomass.

  • You pay a fixed fee no matter how full the skip.

Typical cost


or £310+VAT for 12 yards

Our 12 Yard Truck

  • No need to wait, start piling up your waste in convenient place.

  • We load the van, not you.

  • Smaller, more efficient truck only needs to come to you once for collection.

  • Your waste reused if possible

  • Flexible pricing, charged by the cubic yard.

Our price just

£150+VAT (7 Yards)

or £258+VAT = 12 Yards

All charges flexible at £21.50+VAT per yard

We charge depending on the amount of material collected and the time it takes to load. 

We collect anything made from wood, such as:

  • wooden garden furniture (with some metal)

  • decking and timbers

  • wooden fencing

  • shed panels, cladding and structure (disassembled and with roofing felt removed)

  • leftover DIY wood and internal wooden architecture and flooring

  • anything else that was once a tree – except trees and garden waste


It’s a much more community-minded way of disposal and you get to be part of the circular economy. You’re supporting employment and volunteering opportunities for those finding it difficult to get work. All our earned income goes towards supporting our social and environmental aims.

Call us now on 01273 570600 to book a domestic wood waste collection or get an estimate.


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