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Have you got waste wood to clear away?

find out about your cheapest, most eco-friendly, people-friendly option

If you want to save money on skip fees, see your wood waste reused, and support a project that transforms the lives of people in need... you have just found the right place


Save over £100 on skip fees

If you've got waste wood to get rid of,

and you are thinking of hiring a skip.

With the best skip prices locally of

£250 for an 8 yard skip, or

£310 for a 12 yard skip,

we could save you plenty.

Our price is just £17 per cubic yard, that's

£136 for 8 yards,

or £204 for 12 yards.

Saving you over £100 compared to a skip.

How can we do this?

Because we only collect waste wood, we don't need skips or skip lorries.

And as transit trucks are cheaper to run, you can save hundreds of pounds.

Skip or transit truck? You compare.

Standard 8 Yard Skip

  • Wait for delivery, then load it yourself.

  • Huge diesel guzzling skip lorry visits twice, to deliver & collect.

  • Do you have suitable space?

  • Do you need an on street license?

  • Waste will probably be chipped for biomass.

  • You pay a fixed fee no matter how full the skip.

Typical cost


or £310+VAT for 12 yards

Our 12 Yard Truck

  • No need to wait, start piling up your waste in convenient place.

  • We load the van, not you.

  • Smaller, more efficient truck only needs to come to you once for collection.

  • Your waste reused if possible

  • Flexible pricing, charged by the cubic yard.

Our price just

£136+VAT (8 yards)

or £204+VAT for 12 yards.

All charges flexible at £17+VAT per yard

It's not just cheaper yard for yard.

You also get more waste per yard.

Waste wood often lands awkwardly in skips, and you pay for the air gaps it makes. Pallets in particular cause this problem.

The Building Research Establishment, or BRE, estimate this void space can be 50% of a skip.

Have a look at these photos of a recent collection to see for yourself.


Here is a pile of wood waste stacked neatly alongside a 12 yard skip.


This wood pile is higher, wider, and longer than the skip.


You would need more than one 12 yard skip.


Here is that same pile 30 minutes later. 

Carefully loaded by us.

We squeezed it down to 8 cubic yards,

so that is what the customer paid for.

Just one 12 yard skip could have cost £310 or more,

but by using our service, this customer paid​ only £136.

That's less than half the price of a skip.

A saving of at least £174.

You don't just save money.

You save resources (and CO2).

We're here to save good timber from landfill or the shredder. Because recycling wood isn't like recycling other materials.

If you recycle glass, paper, or metal it will be made new again. If you recycle wood, it gets chipped up, and burned for energy. 


It can't be made into a new tree!

Which is a shame, because wood stores CO2, and that CO2 gets released when the wood is burned.

Our collection service is different. We aim to reuse your waste wood, and keep the CO2 stored in the timber.

About 75% of what we collect can be usefully reused, e.g. for DIY timber, or made it in to products like bee hives, benches, or bird boxes.


Will your wood waste be chipped and burned?

Or made into a birdbox?

How your waste wood can change lives.

We run an active volunteering programme, for people who find themselves unemployed, and want to get back on track.

We give them a place to be, a team to join, useful things to do & skills to learn.

This gives them a purpose.

And then the magic happens.

They become confident, valuable and employable again.

You can take part in helping our volunteers, without the effort of employing and managing them yourself. All you have to do is use us for your wood waste collection.

Construction site collection service

Are you a builder who needs to get rid of site waste? 

You'll need a site ready waste collector.

We've been working on construction sites with the likes of Taylor Wimpey, Kier, and Willmott Dixon since 1998.

So if it's CSCS cards, a waste licence, environmental permit, insurance, H&S practices, PPE, support with Considerate Constructors or BREEAM.

Whatever you need, just ask.

Customer Testimonials

"Superb! Absolutely brilliant service...

What you took away (in one van) would have cost us 2 skips worth...

It's great that it's being reused, no good it being dumped and chipped up."

- Martin H, Clipfine Ltd.

"Absolutely happy with load sizes and value.

If you played Tetris you'd get a top score.

I wouldn't have believed you could fit so much in!"

- Alan P, Breyer Group

What are you waiting for? get in touch!

If you have waste wood to get rid of, don't put it in a skip.


You could save plenty of money, and be happy in the knowledge your waste has gone off to be reused and is supporting jobs for people in need.

Put an end to your search and give us a call, or drop us a line.

Or fill out this form, and we'll get in touch with you

Thanks! Message sent.

We are part of the National Community Wood Recycling network. To visit their site or find a group more local to you, please click here

You can get to our homepage by clicking here.

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