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Tackling financial hardship

Brighton & Hove, despite its outward appearance of fun and financial comfort, and in line with many other seaside resorts, has witnessed a rise in poverty and this has only been made worse by the current pandemic and loss of tourism.

Through our project local people, some of whom are facing extreme hardship and disadvantage, are given the opportunity to gain the skills, experience, and confidence to get back into mainstream employment. 

In 2022, we created 16 paid jobs and trained 70 people.

We deliver accredited qualifications for our volunteers with the express purpose of providing an environment to develop self-esteem and new skills each one needs to become an active team member, progressing to qualification, further studies, and paid work. 

This benefits our volunteers as well as wider society as they leave benefit dependency and move into employment. We promote and educate our local community and our many online followers about the need for environmental protection and a circular economy.

If for some reason we can't employ volunteers within the project, we'll help them move on to other paid work, often in the trades. For many, their time with us can be a genuinely life-changing experience.

Real-life stories


“I started volunteering with The Wood Store last summer, needing something different to do alongside my office job. 

The different perspective my time volunteering gives me has improved my mental health considerably. The other volunteers are so much fun, and the staff are very patient and kind in sharing their skills. 

My experimental DIY and very rusty college workshop experience are developing into useful woodworking skills and I love helping to produce practical, quality furniture in a sustainable way with a great bunch of people.”

“Having previously worked in a demanding and stressful environment, the opportunity to get involved with the project has been a healthy and welcome change to my working career.

As a volunteer, I’ve learned new skills. Recently as an employee, I’ve gained more knowledge about how this social enterprise works for its staff, the community, and customers alike.

The team has been both friendly and approachable, enabling me to rebuild my confidence in a working environment.”

We are part of the National Community Wood Recycling network. To visit their site or find a more local group, please click here

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