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Project Wood Store Brighton, our first Crowdfunder


Thank you so much, everyone who donated. 

It's been really good to see old friends and new at The Wood Store in our new home on the Ground Floor at Oakley House, Edward Street, Brighton.

Our work with volunteers, offering skills and training in a caring environment, is needed more than ever as so many seek to rebuild their lives in the wake of the pandemic. 

You can still donate to our charity by clicking on "Donate" on the home page of this site.


Thank you to Big Egg Films for sponsoring our video, Excell Design & Marketing for sponsoring this page, and Chimera Communications for expert PR


A big thank you to our supporters

Rik Child

Albert Clark Trust

Simon Wibberley

Kirsten Trussell


Paul Ungoed

Daniel J Hiscox


Steffan Meyric Hughes

Nick Roe

Vicky, David, Alex and Louis Owen

Ben Rubinstein

Pam Whyte

Ali Walmsley

Siriol Hugh-Jones

Tom Druitt

Hugh Woodhouse

Mary Gower

Alison Hirst

Sarra Hawes


Tony DG

Rebecca Ridolfo

David Cundy

James Count

Nathan Askew

Charlie Tompkins

Joanne Clarke

Brighton Breezy

Russell Chilvers

Annie Rim

Charlotte Wassell


Adam Penwarden

Emma Seers

Geoff Treas

Alex Hawkswell

Tim Holtam

Mark Hill

Ben Hawkswell

Peter Ellis

Anita Cundall

Annie Rim

Chloe Bullock / Materialise Interiors

Tobi Vogel


Alex Morrison & team, Cogapp

Emma Wilkins

Yasmin Hassan

George Robertson

Steve Kircher


Gillian Hawkswell

David Nobbs

Community Wood Recycling

Fran Saunders

Mary D

Pamela Hurwitz

Annita Mossop

Pete West

Kath Hegarty


Emma and Andy Goodwin

James Magowan

Rory Challands

Jane Gardner

Gabriel Mills

Barry Silsby

Adam Dennett

Karen Worth

David Smyth

Simon Moss

Phil Breese

Fred de Souza

Dave Mateer

Rob Bowley

Sue Shanks

James Williams

Andy Kennedy

Stella Goddard

R Wilkinson

Simon Lewington

Nancy Platts

Richard Hewlett

Cara Matimong

Jason Hook

Richard Excell

Brian Darwood

Karl Nilsson

Victoria Bacon

Rebeca Griffin

Sebastian Michaelis

Charly and Gill

Felicity Allbrooke

Sarah Lucas

Matt MacCalla

Lachlan Murray

Sue Harrington

Tony DG

Christopher Simmons

Brighton Belle

Sven Chipchase

Jenni Draycott

Holly Bobbins

Mark Robbins

Jim Callender

Beverley Sawyers

Shelaine Siepel

Karen Barford

Andrew Etheridge

Robert McNally

Nicola Nobes

Matt Williams

Dave Tester

Daphne Groves

Andrew Lock



Alex Langley

Elaine Robertson

Sally Domingo-Jones


Dick Page

Zoe List

Anna Berry

Russell Wheildon

Barry McGhee

Sue Stubbings

Felicity Macaulay

Phill Brady

David Bracey

Phil Holtam

Naomi Lester

Rick Walker

Clare Cashin

Mark Strong

Stephen Bullock

Gillian Perry

Elodie Mutton

Robert McNally

Ben Crampin

William Horder

Carly Lewis

Katy Gibbons

Mary Holden

Wholesale Wood Flooring Ltd

Claudia Alexandra Lester

Sue Borenius

Vicki Scale

Gillian Perry

Sarah Huettmann

Louise Thilly

Sven Chipchase

Shaulan Chanlewis

Chris Heape

Anthony Evans

Jill Woolf, Chimera Communications

Olly Baker

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