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Embrace the Magic of Christmas with Our Premium Trees

Get ready to deck the halls with the finest Christmas trees you will find anywhere. At Wood Store, we're your holiday headquarters for top-quality, locally sourced Nordmann trees.

What's in store?

Planters, peat-free compost, timber for raised beds. Brighton elm boards reclaimed from felled street trees.

Volunteer workshop made furniture and shelving. Stockists of Adfix brackets, Osmo, Rustin, Harris products,


 ...plenty of reclaimed timber at discounted prices. 

Our large range of construction timber is always priced 1/3 less than rival outlets!

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We operate a delivery service in Sussex

All enquiries/ orders by phone, email, text or WhatsApp 

Founded in 1998, Brighton & Hove Wood Recycling Project was the first of its kind in the country, dedicated to recycling waste timber – seeing it for what it really is, not something to discard but a precious resource.

Leading the way as a pinnacle of the local circular economy, we are now a charity and our aims are:

  • Protecting the environment by conserving resources – collecting, recycling, and re-using reclaimed waste wood, operating throughout East and West Sussex 

  • Educating and promoting behavioural change – through both educational materials and the collection, re-use and sale of sustainably-produced timber and timber products, all at greatly reduced costs to the public

  • Changing lives, relieving unemployment and social exclusion – by providing jobs, work placements, training, qualifications, mentoring and volunteering opportunities for local people. Our focus is on supporting those disadvantaged in the job market through any form of mental or physical disability, social exclusion, or vulnerability


We are more commonly known by our trading name, The Wood Store.

Our impact

In 2022, we rescued 686 tonnes of timber from the waste stream. 

We saved 342 tonnes of C02 from re-entering the atmosphere.

We created 16 paid jobs and trained 70 people. 

Of the 686 tonnes of wood diverted from the waste stream,  155.2 tonnes was pushed up the waste hierarchy into reuse: used by the community for DIY/building projects or as firewood, or made into a whole range of beautiful products from bird boxes to dining tables. And 430.9 tonnes was  recycled: either sent for recycling into woodchip, used in the manufacture of particleboard, animal bedding, or as carbon neutral fuel in power stations. 

With us, everything we collect is reused or recycled - nothing is returned to the waste stream. Reusing wood is 10 times more efficient than harvesting, milling, and transporting virgin wood.

Even our collection methodology saves carbon! Our 3.5 tonne collection trucks use less than half the fuel of a skip lorry, greatly reducing CO2 emissions, pollution, and the impact on the road.

With every tonne of wood we collect, we are creating work and training opportunities for disadvantaged people - changing lives for the better.

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Reclaim, Reuse, Recycle.
Welcome to The Wood Store.

Download our brochure to see more of our commercial projects
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