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Furniture Painting Workshop

Duration: 3 hours

Location: The Wood Store, Field House, Preston Barracks, Lewes Road, Brighton, BN2 4GL

Cost:  £60 - we offer a 10% discount on all paint products in-store after the course. In addition to this we also offering ongoing advice on your projects once the course is completed via phone and email.

All brushes, paint and wax supplied- please wear clothing suitable as it can get messy!

If you have sensitive skin we will provide gloves and of course masks for sanding. Feel free to bring your own kit.

There is a café on-site. Facilities on-site are suitable for wheelchair users. Please inform us of any special requirements you may have.

Our course covers both chalk paint and satin paint. It covers distressing, though there will be a focus on solid finishing as well.


Introduction to the paint and finishes

  • Brands

  • Pro, cons and best use

  • Cost and coverage


  • Paint brush types

  • Wax brushes

  • Wax cloth

  • Roller


  • Masks for preparation

  • Chemicals and VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)

  • Gloves 

  • Setting up your workspace

  • Cleaning up spills

Surface preparation

  • Cleaning

  • Sanding- dos and don’ts!

Application demonstration

  • Chalk paint

  • Satinwood paint

  • Colour layering

  • Distressing

Application practical - each member of the group gets to paint using both types of finish (we can supply items to paint).

There is an option to bring your own item for painting but please be aware you won’t be able to take it away the same day as the wax needs to cure. There is limited space so if you are bringing your own item please make sure it is small, for example no larger than a dining chair.


  • Clear wax

  • Clear lacquer

  • Dark wax

  • Curing and buffing

  • After care


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